The objectives, principles, and ideals of the AHEPA shall be as follows:

  • To promote and encourage loyalty and patriotism to Australia, support its Constitution, obey its laws, and respect its history and traditions.

  • To instruct the members of the Order by Precepts and examples, in the tenets and fundamental principles of government.

  • To instill in the members of the Order a due appreciation of the privileges and duties of citizenship, to encourage members to be interested in and participate in civic and social activities, and to always strive for the betterment of society.

  • To oppose tyranny and oppression where they exist in any form and at any level, and to secure the perpetual existence of liberty for the nation as well as the individual.

  • To promote a better and more comprehensive understanding of the Hellenic people and to spread and cultivate the attributes, ideals, and legacy of Hellenism.

  • To generate and champion a sincere love for education and culture by promoting and participating in the dissemination of both.

  • To promote and develop among members a moral code befitting our society; to stimulate, promote, and practise good fellowship; to generate the spirit of altruism, understanding, cooperation, and benevolence; and to establish and encourage a strong sense of tolerance in the Order and society in general.

Acropolis of Athens
Sydney Opera House

our core values

The beliefs we hold and our guiding principles

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